My name is Françoise,

I am a business eagle and investor
specialised in supporting and building startups in the Agricultural Feed and Food industry.

I have an excellent career track within large multinational companies, from Rhone Poulenc (today Rhodia), to ADM, DSM and Cargill. I held quite independent positions in the agricultural industry, with the task to grow the business for the company. Since 2013 I provide and secure early stage business investment for technology startups and I invest and participate in new business within newly founded companies. Please scroll down to fin an overview of my current projects and responsibilities.
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Knowledge and Skills

New Business Development in Agriculture0%
Business Strategy0%
Securing Investment0%
Technical Product Development0%

Business Overview

NovioMosae B.V.

July 2015 – Present

Noviomosae will focus on the development of IP and applications in close cooperation with local companies and knowledge centers. It is a sister company of the established company NovioTech in Nijmegen. NovioMosae is focussed on developing companies in the southern part of Holland.

NovioPonics B.V.

CMO and Investor
April 2015 – Present

NovioPonics B.V. develops a slow release system, NovioHelix, for the crop protection industry. It is a unique thermo-reversible hydrogel, liquid in cold water and forming a gel at higher temperature. NovioHelix is a sustainable carrier that will reduce the usage of crop protection with 50% and can therefore contribute to the environment.

InnoTank B.V.

Marketing & Sales Director / Investor
November 2013 – Present

InnoTank B.V. is a revolutionary concept to install a wastewater- or freshwater tank in an existing yacht without having to dismantle the ships interior. InnoTank is a flat foldable package that can be introduced into an occluded space in the yachts interior through a small inspection hatch, then has to be inflated with air to a volume of 50, 100, or 150 liters and finally will cure, under influence of a temporary UV-Light inside the tank, into a rigid, glass fiber reinforced storage tank.

Eagan N.V.

CEO and Business Eagle
October 2014 – Present

Business Eagle supporting Startups to create business, either through my existing network or through financing. Besides Eagan consults investors in the agricultural business (either through Third Bridge and Brightland Campussen in Limburg or independent).

Compomeer B.V.

February 2013 – December 2014

Compomeer B.V. is a company that was founded late 2012 and is located in Geldrop, The Netherlands. Compomeer B.V. produces innovative, super strong, high performing, ultra-light and recyclable thermoplastic composite materials for a variety of applications in markets like automotive, air- and seafreight, mobile homes and hurricane shields. In these industries weight (airfreight containers) and strengths (suitcases) are of main importance. Today, Compomeer B.V. has handed over production to Compoform B.V.

Current Projects



Montessori Lyceum Rotterdam


1973 – 1980

Bachelor Degree

Wageningen University

BSc. Animal Science

1980 – 1983

Master Degree

Wageningen University

MSc. Animal Science, specialism poultry physiology and pig husbandry.

1983 – 1985

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Françoise de Goeijen